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Resolutions, Declarations and Parliamentary questions, 02. 07. 2018

Letter to Commissioner Bieńkowska concerning the purchase of the locally produced food in kindergartens, schools, homes for the elderly and hospitals

MEP Igor Šoltes sent a letter to Commissioner Elżbieta Bieńkowska, who is responsible for public procurements, with an initiative for increasing the share of locally produced food in kindergartens, schools, hospitals in homes for the elderly.
21. 03. 2018
Kosovo Parliament has today adopted the border demarcation agreement with Montenegro.
26. 02. 2018
MEP Igor Šoltes has together with some of his colleagues issued a written question to the European Commission about the freedom of expression in Spain.
06. 02. 2018
MEP Igor Šoltes has given a speech in the plenary session of the European Parliament, commenting on the newly published EU Enlargement Strategy for the Western Balkans countries.
16. 04. 2018

Dr Šoltes Co-signed Manifesto for Dialogue in Catalonia

With the Manifesto, MEPs call for the release of all political prisoners and advocate for the EU to intervene between Spain and Catalonia in order to find an appropriate political solution to the crisis.
18. 10. 2017
MEP Dr Igor Šoltes participated at the event titled Meet your MEP, organized by the European Emergency Number Association (EENA) that took place in the European Parliament in Brussels.
17. 11. 2016
The National Assembly of Slovenia passed an amendment to the Constitution that makes access to drinking water a fundamental right and is seen as a bulwark against privatisation of water sources.
30. 08. 2016
On 30 August 2016, MEP Igor Šoltes urged the Slovenian Government to call for the suspension of the TTIP negotiations and thus to prevent the adoption of an agreement which would be damaging to Slovenia and to Europe as a whole.